A new way to reach website visitors

A new way to reach website visitors

During the past few years, the popularity of audiobooks and podcasts has increased dramatically. As consumers of different kinds of audio contents, we found ourselves longing for the same listening opportunity in all other kinds of web contents too, such as organizations’ websites. Could it be possible to listen to web content without any complex applications or a voice that is difficult to listen to? That’s when the idea of Voice Intuitive came to be. We wanted to add a new way to reach website visitors!


The apparent, new role of voice

The role of voice has grown as technology has developed. Our mobile phones utilize voice recognition systems such as Siri, smart speakers can answer the questions we ponder in seconds and even house electronics function as we “command”. Audiobooks have made their way beside radio, and Deloitte made a prediction in 2019 that the global audiobook market will grow by 25 percent to US $3.5 billion. One shouldn’t thus underestimate the significance of voice, especially when talking about consumption habits.


A man is listening to audio contents with headphones. He has a mobile phone on his hand. The background is turquoise and he is wearing a red shirt.
Consumption trends have reformed and the meaning of voice has increased significantly.


Voice technology represents an innovative perspective that aspires to respond to the changed consumption trends of the day. By making it possible to listen to websites, we make it possible to consume content more diversely and make websites more accessible for different audiences – all at the same time! Our mission is to make web content as easy to use as possible to ensure successful customer experience. That way we can offer added value to the person consuming our content. And that is a chance to stand out from the crowd as the customer oriented actor.


Towards a better customer experience by means of accessibility 

By adding the Listen button to your website, you gain lots of benefits. From the accessibility point of view, the possibility to listen to contents increases accessibility considerably. People with disabilities, such as people who have problems with their vision, have dyslexia or are not familiar with technology, can enjoy your content in a more accessible form. By transforming text to speech, we also enhance different learners’ ability to internalize the content.

Text-to-speech feature benefits all users, because the content can be listened to among other activities: you can for example listen to the day’s news while driving or jogging. In our daily life we often search for the easiest option – why not solve this problem with voice!


The text to speech feature benefits everyone – no matter what age you are.


By adding the voice button to your website, you also enhance your customer experience. By creating a positive experience, the organization will be more likely recommended to one’s family and friends – and perhaps more broadly in social media, too. The customer is always in the centre of the design: a well-working service that is designed especially for his/her needs.


Making the website talk – how does this work in practice?

We are a unique service provider, as our product is very easy to use. Our text-to-speech technology is continuously developed with new qualities, making sure that we can serve our customers better. The Listen button enables listening to all the text that a website contains. The voice button also duplicates to new pages created. The installation of our service is also quick and easy – for a person who understands website code, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes! We have listed frequently asked questions here, if you want to take a look.

The product supports 45 different languages, such as English, Finnish, Swedish, Russia and Arabic. In June 2021, we will also provide our service in neural sound. Just hit the play and try it out!