Making listenable website part of your branding efforts

Making listenable website part of your branding efforts

Voice has become an essential part of many companies’ communications strategy. Many firms articulate their expertise and knowledge through blog posts. But alongside, voice has become a more essential part of brand strategy, too. The number of podcasts have risen in the past few years exponentially. And still, listenable website is a new concept for many. Let’s turn that around!


Make an impression of an innovative and customer oriented brand by utilizing voice 

What do you want people to remember about your brand? It is probably your objective to be an innovative actor that stands out from the crowd with its’ way to keep customers’ needs in their hearts. The real potential of voice has not yet been utilized and that is why enabling listening to web content is a brilliant way to concretize your company’s customer focused state of mind.


Listenable website. A woman is wearing large headphones and listening to audio contet.
A listenable website is a great way to bring out organizations’ customer oriented ways of thinking.


Blog has traditionally been a way to build trust between the company and it’s (potential) customer. It is a great way to prove a company’s expertise in a transparent way and to connect with the reader. But what happens when the customer doesn’t have the time needed to read those posts?

Many of us have probably been in a situation where we run into an interesting article or writing and have not had the time to get acquainted with it at that specific moment. The situation could be very different if there were a mention that if you want, you can listen to this text.


Simplicity at the heart of the service

The voice option and the installable Listen button are designed to make website visitors content consumption as easy as possible. That is why we, the team at Voice Intuitive, have wanted to keep the service as simple as possible: just by pressing the Listen button the website starts to “talk”.

When using a mobile device, the service utilizes the device’s own player. Therefore there is no need to keep the screen on. The speed of speech can be controlled too – if you want, you can either slow down or speed up the reading pace. Also, the Listen button can be customized to match the brand colors as the color and shape of the button are an essential part of the visual appearance of the website.


Wait no longer for the opportunity to read!

Many commuters are accompanied by an audiobook or podcast. On the other hand, when going for a jog and focusing on interesting podcasts, it gives you a chance to let your own thoughts rest for a while. Or when lying on the sofa, you can just close your eyes and listen. The ways of utilizing voice are limitless!

There isn’t always a possibility – or a want – to read written text. There are lots of situations where audio content serves website visitors’ objectives better than text that is read by eye. Voice option allows one to listen to websites any time, despite the place.


Branding and voice. A woman is jogging and she has headphones on and a mobile phone on her hand. She is listening to audio.
Listening to website contents is easy! The media player on your phone plays the website out loud – you can go for a jog and listen to an interesting article at the same time. Even if there is no time for traditional reading!


Make your company a forerunner and make your website talk! You can familiriaze to our service here.