How does Voice Intuitive™ voice option work?

How does Voice Intuitive™ voice option work?

Voice Intuitive™ voice option and Listen button are based on a simple idea: web content should be accessible by hearing. By doing so, we can offer a website visitor a chance to choose the most pleasant and effortless way to consume content. Audio content serves people in different situations in comparison to readable content.

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Idea behind TTS option is to make web contents as accessible as possible. 

Usability at the heart of design

Installable Voice Intuitive™ voice option converts text to speech, meaning that a customer can click the Listen button and listen to the contents of a webpage. TTS option makes the content talk!

We have wanted to keep the service as easy-to-use as possible ensuring a website visitor a better user experience. The button itself tells what to do – “Listen”.

By clicking the round play symbol, the content will be played aloud. When the service is running, the play symbol will be replaced with a pause symbol.

User interface with speed up and rewind options functions like other audio applications. 

In addition, the user interface resembles other audio applications, making the service easy to adopt.

The control panel allows you to double the listening pace, as in audiobook and podcast applications.

The sound is generated by AI

Voice Intuitive™ voice option is generated by artificial intelligence. The technology develops continuously and at the moment we are able to produce over 119 language options for our service. It is also possible to add languages based on customer needs.

The sound is for all user groups and it is natural and pleasant to listen. There are even neural TTS options available these days, which means the quality of sound is even more natural and the tone of a voice can be chosen.

We’ve been willing to make the website visitor’s experience even better by making it possible to control the speed. The visitor can choose the speed up pace. Text highlighting is another available option to choose from. 

Voice Intuitive™ voice option as an extension of your brand

The default colour of the Listen button is black since it’s fitting in the most of the pages. It is also possible to customize the button to match your brand color.

The listening option is usually located above the article text since it’s the best place to use the option from.

Listen button can be placed above the article text.

What devices can I use to listen with Voice Intuitive™ voice option?

You can play the service on both mobile and computer for listening to web contents. While on the go, service utilizes the player of a smartphone, making the service function even if the screen is off. Accessibility at its best, right?

I would like to have a Voice Intuitive™ voice option at my website. What does it take to get the service for use?

Installation of a voice service is simple and easy. We deliver the code by email. After that you (or administrator of the webpage) can install the code onto your website. From a professional, this should not take more than a few minutes!

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