Company / Registration Officer

Voice Intuitive Oy

Business ID: 2996340-9 (FINLAND)

DPO (Data Protection Officer)

Name: Johanna Pelkonen


Purpose of user register

We are collecting user information of our page visitors in order to improve your online experience. Based on your browsing history on our website we collect information about your activities on our Site for purposes such as better customer management, service delivery and direct marketing. In addition, the data can be used for statistical and business development purposes.

Data retention period

The data of the customer is stored as long as there is need for handling the customer data stated in the customer agreement or following the local laws for customer relations.

Collection of data

We are collecting information provided by visitors of our Site as well as information needed for the contract. In addition, we are using technologies such as Facebook and Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, ActiveCampaign, WordPress on our Site for collecting information of our website visitors.

User rights

According to GDPR the user has a right to ask which information of the person is stored in the database. You need to take contact with our DPO and you will be provided a list within one month.

This service is free of charge done once a year. The User has the right to be forgotten (if there is no agreement or any laws that state the data needs to be stored). The user data must be accurate and updated.

Cookies policy

We are using cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device and is created by the website you visit. In this Cookie Policy, we refer to technologies including cookies and pixels collectively as cookies. We use cookies to provide you a better online experience. We collect statistical information that can help us improve the website. This can be information about which operating system or web browser you are using.

We are using Facebook and Google Analytics for analysing how we might improve your user experience on our Site. These are so called third party cookies, meaning that based on your browsing history on our website collecting information about your activities on our Site and tailoring advertising to things we think you like. 

Removing cookies from your computer is easy and can be done from your browser settings. You can yet access this website even if you have deactivated cookies in your browser, but it may affect the user experience.

Data protection

We use technical and organizational security measures to protect the legal rights of personal data against access, disclosure, destruction or other legal processing.

Technical methods of data protection

We use several methods to protect data for example firewall, data encryption, network protection, and monitor the traffic to see any malicious or unnecessary traffic. 

Secure processes

Secure the usage of devices, secure traffic monitoring, secure access management and access monitoring. Education of the employees and control of third party vendors.

Disclosure of personal data

Personal data is not shared to third parties other than for law enforcement by authorities.

Tranfer of data outside of EU/EEA

We will not transfer your personal data to any country outside of EU/EEA countries. 

Data retention policy

Data is stored only for customer contracts and no longer than duration of the contract. However, complying the existing laws and regulations apply.