Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is the Voice Intuitive™ voice service designed for?

Voice and translation services are designed for everyone as it makes web content accessible for all user groups. Voice option is useful when multitasking, but it can also make it much easier to internalize text for many but also in case of dyslexia or impaired eyesight. Listening to contents is useful also for those who are not used to acting on digital platforms. Translation service as such makes information available to those who may not otherwise understand the language. In addition, many of us understand spoken information better than text.

Can I listen to content even if the screen of my mobile is off? How about changing the site while listening?

Our service utilizes a player of your mobile device. Thus you can listen to web content even if the screen is off and even if you move on to another website or application while listening. Multitasking made easy..! 🙂

With a computer, can I open a new tab and continue listening to web content?

Our service will continue to play even if you open a new tab with your computer. You can pause by clicking a pause symbol.

In which all languages is the service available?

At the moment, our service works in over 100 different languages such as English, German, Ukrainian and Chinese.

We can also add other languages to our service – you may contact us in case you have questions upon this!

The Listen button will be installed by adding a code to the website. Who does the installation?

We deliver the code by email and the administrator of your website will do the installation. From a professional, this only takes a few minutes!