€ 49per month (or € 495 per year)
  • Listen button in basic color
  • 1 language option
€ 99per month (or € 995 per year)
  • Listen button in custom color
  • 3 language options
  • Speed controller
€ 149per month (or € 1 495 per year)
  • Listen button in custom color
  • 5 language options
  • Speed controller
  • Text highlighting
  • Recording feature (coming)

You may choose a perfect plan for you from the options: Basic, Advanced and Pro. You can find the alternatives above and plan descriptions below.

Our voice option is compatible with the most common browsers. Every plan provides voice service for one domain.

Features of Basic plan:

Basic plan includes our Listen button in basic color. You can choose between red (#FF113A) and black button. It will be placed above the article text on your website. Basic plan includes Listen button in one language.

Features of Advanced plan:

In Advanced plan you can choose color of your choice: we only need the RGB color code of your brand. Also, the Advanced plan includes speed rate controller and it can be added in maximum 3 languages (requires language navigation, eg.

Features of Pro plan:

In addition to the features in two previous plans, Pro plan includes text highlighting. Also, we are developing a recording feature for those who find personalized listening option beneficial (e.g. bloggers and journalists etc.)