€ 99per month (or € 995 per year)
  • Listen button
  • Speed controller
  • Neural voice
  • (+ € 500 text highlighting)
€ 169per month (or € 1 690 per year)
  • Listen button
  • Control panel
  • Speed controller
  • Text highlighting
  • Rewind features
  • Neural voice

You may choose a perfect plan for you from the options: Basic, Pro and Enterprise

You can find the alternatives above and plan descriptions below.

Our voice option is compatible with the most common browsers. Every plan provides voice service for one domain.

Features of Basic plan:

Basic plan includes our Listen button in a basic black color for a domain in one language. The button will be placed above the article text on your website. Basic plan includes a control panel with speed rate controller and rewind features. Service is provided with a very high-quality neural voice.

Text highlightning is optional and costs extra € 500 per year or 50 € per month.

Features of Pro plan:

Like Basic, Pro plan is for one domain but comes with three language options and a color of your choice for the Listen button. With control bar, the listener can rewind the text just by clicking the right paragraph or by using the rewind buttons (15 sec). Text highlightning is included, too.

Features of Enterprise plan:

Enterprise plan is intended for high traffic websites / web platforms and for organizations with more than one domain. This plan automatically includes neural voice and other features are based on customer needs.