We’re providing a natural-sounding voice option for websites to allow a page visitors to listen to contents on the web

The sound for all user groups is natural and pleasant in sound. The service is easy to set up.

Features include:

  • neural voice which means a natural speech like voice quality
  • supports 119 languages
  • volume control
  • customization (button shape and color selectable)
  • automatically creates a voice button for new web content

What is TTS?

If you’ve ever used Alexa or Siri on your phone to get an answer to a question, then you will have used Text-to-Speech conversion technology. Better known by its acronym TTS, it is a form of speech synthesis that is used to convert written text from a computer or digital device into an audio file. You can test it simply by clicking the Listen button above!

Text to speech technology has benefits in multiple ways:

  • Gives a better user experience. According to experts, online contents in audio form are soon rather a rule than an exception and more people will be able to enjoy content while on the go.
  • Improves customer experience. By adding more ways to consume digital content, you improve user experience on your website. And when website visitors stay longer on your website, your search engine results get better.
  • Improves accessibility. One of the biggest benefits of TTS will be improving accessibility to your blog or website, giving your readers the option of reading or listening to your content, which can increase your reader engagement and therefore your ranking. When you embed a TTS option to your website or blog, you’ll automatically improve your reader accessibility, which can also help you grow your subscribers.
  • Makes learning easier. Using TTS can help those who learn easier by listening, are visually impaired, or have dyslexia, ADHD, autism or any other condition that makes reading text onscreen problematic. 
  • Helps learning a new language. TTS software can be used by people in the process of learning a new language because it can show them how words are spelled as they are read out, which can make retaining the material much easier and more enjoyable.
  • Helps when busy. TTS software is also helpful where multitasking is needed and the user can listen while their attention is directed in engaging in a physical activity like driving or walking, where reading text would be impractical. 
  • It’s practical. Reading a small print on a screen takes an extra effort, not just for elderly and those with learning disabilities but all of us. By listening instead reading comes easy.